In October 2013 I went to Paris to see the exposition "DECORUM" in the Musée d’Art Moderne. Wonderful pieces of art....

"If I could see but a day of it" (2007) by Ryan Gander
Sheila Hicks (2011)

"Moustache Eagle" (2008) by Caroline Achaintre

"Tapis de l'Ourika " vers 1980, Haut-Atlas, Maroc
Detail "Tapis de l'Ourika " vers 1980, Haut-Atlas, Maroc

"Genuine Desert Watch"(2013) by Yann Gerstberger

"Maldoror" (1977) by Françoise Giannesini
Detail "Maldoror" (1977) by Françoise Giannesini

by Mariette Rousseau-Vermette

"Estiu 95" (1995) by Josep Grau-Garriga
Detail"Estiu 95" (1995) by Josep Grau-Garriga

"Sobreteixim XVI" (1973) by Juan Miro

"Hoar frost" (2011) by Anna Betbeze
Detail "Hoar frost" (2011) by Anna Betbeze

"Maille n8" (1974) by Pierette Bloch

"Pared de Calicanto" (1980) by Olga de Amaral

Karapinar, Asie mineur fin XIX-années 1960

"Morning Gown" (1995) by Dame Vivienne Wesrtwood


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